Our Policies


Below are the outlines for the full company policy of 'THE FIG TREE KENNELS AND CATTERY', which includes our 'boarding' terms. 'The Fig Tree Kennels & Cattery' will also be referred to as 'we' from here on and 'owners' as 'you' or 'your'.

Nothing in these terms affects your statutory rights.




We MUST see proof of an up-to-date vaccination card for both, canines and felines boarding with us. We may request to photocopy the proof and retain it on our premises for the duration of your pets stay.


Canines require, Canine Parvovirus, Infectious Canine Hepatitis, Canine Distemper, Canine Leptospirosis and Canine Influenza (kennel cough, optional), if the kennel cough vaccine is chosen it must be administered 4 weeks prior boarding with us. 


Felines require Cat flu (feline herpesvirus and feline calcivirus) and feline enteritis (feline panleukopenia virus).


Unfortunately we will be unable to accept your pet to board with us if a fully up-to-date vaccination card is not produced on day of arrival. The only acception will be for the pets that, due to medical reasons are unable to be vaccinated. This will need to be confirmed by your vets.

All animals should be free of fleas, ticks and parasites to minimise the risk of spreading to other animals within the same facility. If your pet is found to be 'infested' with fleas we will need to bath them and eliminate the fleas, this will be at an additional cost and not 'optional' if you would like them to board with us. The Fig Tree Kennels & Cattery is located in a rural area, surrounded by wildlife that may carry fleas, ticks or worms, therefore it is each owners responsibility to ensure their pets are up to date with flea, tick and worming treatment. The Fig Tree Kennels & Cattery cannot be held responsible for the transmition of any of the above parasites. 



All prices stated are on a 'per day' basis, this includes the day of arrival and the day of departure which will be charged at a full day's rate. There are no restrictions on time of arrival or departure of your pet as long as it is within our 'usual' opening hours.

Bedding, food and heating is included in the fee stated. No discount will be given for providing your own food or bedding.

All fees must be paid in full on day of arrival, these can be paid either by cash or bank transfer.


Deposits & Refunds

We require a deposit of 50% of the full booking fee at the time of booking to guarantee a space for your pet. If a deposit is not received we are unable to reserve a guaranteed space for your pet.


Deposits are non-refundable, other than in exceptional circumstance, which will be at full discretion of the management.

If an error has occurred due to fault of 'The Fig Tree Kennels & Cattery' then a full refund will be given.

We will always try to give plenty of notice if in the unlikely event we need to cancel your booking, but reserve the right to cancel your booking at any time without notice or repercussions.



We advise owners to provide their pet’s 'normal' food when boarding with us. This is to minimise 'upset' to your pets digestive system, as a sudden change in food often causes diarrhea and possibly vomiting. It can be a stressful time for your pet when they leave their home environment and so we will always advise what is in their best interest.

Please let us know of any 'special dietary' requirements for your pet, which should include any allergies they may have.

Here are some of the brands of food we provide, but they do sometime change.


For Dogs,


We use Harringtons, Chappie, Skinners, James WellBeloved, AVA,  Core and occasionally other high quality brands.


Chappie, Natures menu, Naturo, Grain free Butchers.


For Cats,


We use Whiskas, Go Cat, Harringtons, Iams & Purina One. 



Whiskas, Felix, Classic, Gourmet, Applaws, as well as canned fish & chicken for the fussier eaters.


We fully support raw feeding and have the freezer space to store it. You will need to provide the raw food as we don't yet have enough pets on it to supply.


You are welcome to provide your pets own bedding, however we can not accept any responsibility for damaged or loss of bedding. Bedding will often get wet and dirty within the kennels and we often have to change bedding at least once a day. You may provide a familiar toy/teddy with your pet's smell on it if you feel this would be comforting to them, again we can not accept any responsibility for damage or loss of these items.

All bedding and items provided by the owner must be in a clean condition and free of any parasites.


Emergencies & Health conditions

We require at least 2 contact numbers and an email address for each owner to ensure they are contactable in any emergency situation. We also require an additional 'emergency contact' who will remain local, and require their name, address, contact number & email address.

If your pet has medical conditions, existing or not, whether known to the owner or not and requires emergency veterinary care The Fig Tree Kennels & Cattery will not hesitate in taking pets to the nearest veterinary surgery for medical help. Owners will be notified as soon as possible and will be liable for the entire cost of care.

Prior boarding, pets should be fit and healthy. Elderly or poorly pets are at greater risk as they may have underlying problems. These pets are accepted entirely at owners risk. Every effort will be made to accommodate these pets, however we cannot be held responsible or liable for such pets. We will always notify you if any conditions are found that the owner has not specified.



We are happy to administer our boarders their medication. It is the owner's responsibility to clearly label the medication and leave clear instructions on dosage etc. It is also the responsibility of the owner to ensure enough medication is provided to cover the duration of their pets stay. We also advise to leave a little extra in case of late collection.

Most basic medications are free for us to administer. There is a £5 daily charge or medications that require specific times that fall out of our working hours. An example of this is insulin.