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Welcome To Your Chelmsford
Kennels & Cattery

Please do not hesitate to contact us in advance if you have any special requirements

We know and understand from personal experience that leaving your beloved pet in a 'strange' environment can be both, daunting & stressful. Here at the Fig Tree Kennels & Cattery we have a detailed consultation with EVERY new customer. This is to ensure we get to know both, yourself and your furry friend. Our aim is to settle your loved ones in successfully by knowing their routines, their likes & dislikes!


We understand that not every pet has the same needs just because they are the same species or breed. 

We are flexible and adaptable to their individual needs!

Our Chelmsford kennels & cattery are set in 2 acres of private land & based in the beautiful Essex countryside.

After a recent refurbishment of the existing kennel block, Each of our kennels are made of a solid structure, they have a large, attached, covered run to allow your dog access to the outdoors as and when they feel throughout the day. Our kennels each have their own heat lamp to keep our canine residents cosy throughout the winter months.

All the dogs in our care are exercised 3 times a day within our secure paddocks, allowing them freedom to run and play ensuring they get that vital 'off lead' time. We visit our dogs several times throughout the day and evening to ensure they are well stimulated, happy and content in their environment. 

Our cat units are built to the highest of standards, providing a quiet, private and warm stay for your feline friend.

Each individual unit can house up to 2 cats from the same family. They have individual heat pads and Radiators, they are also fitted with a cat flap leading to a secure private run area so your kitty can enjoy watching the world go by or simply enjoy bathing in the warm sunshine!

​There is plenty of wildlife to keep them stimulated and of course we offer cuddles and grooming to those that enjoy our company!

We are happy to accommodate all types of cats.

Please do not hesitate to call and discuss any special requirements you may have ahead of your visit.


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